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Why Buy From Us?



  1. Toll Free Phone Line: 1-888-KIT-BIKE
  2. Wow, someone that you can actually talk to in the motorized bike kit industry.  Good luck finding that anywhere else!
  3. Free Technical Support 
  4. Don't be intimidated taking on the project by yourself.  We are very knowledgeable about our engines and installs as we have sold over 3000.
    We also can email you detailed pictures and skematics of the section that you may have a question about.
  5. Parts Availability  
  6. Plenty of Stock Available - see images below
  7. Factory Direct Pricing (No Middlemen)
  8. We actually import direct from the factory and they build our quality engines to our spec. You'll be sorry when you end up with a junk kit by trying to save $20-$40
  9. NOT "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" EBAY Seller
  10. Don't buy from other fly by night sellers that most likely will not be around if/when you need parts. We have been in business for over 43 years and aren't going anywhere!
  11. Upgraded Parts
  12. We spend alot of time and money researching and improving our engine kits. We offer the UPGRADED Chrome intake, LARGER diameter cylinder studs, BETTER engine casting, EASY to understand instructions in ENGLISH, BETTER painted tanks and chain guards, CHROME dished sprockets, LONGER chain idlers, LARGER domed head nuts, REINFORCED alloy push button clutch lever, PRE-INSTALLED Throttle cable in the carb, HEAVY DUTY Motorcycle Grip assembly, DOUBLE BOXED for safe shipping, and RELIABLE brand name product. we also take pride in including a FREE Large Frame Adapter, FREE Spare Engine Spacer (For unique frames), FREE Extra Long mounting bolts, FREE Spark plug tool, and FREE Clutch puller on top of our already high quality parts!
  13. Authentic Approved Catalytic Converter Exhaust Pipe
  14. Keep in Mind that to be approved your engine needs to have a stamp or marking on it stating the date it was manufactured and the approval number which ours has. Other engines that advertise being approved that don't have this are NOT APPROVED. Remember that these sellers are importing engines into the country illegally and have no reguard for our environment and well being. They are just trying to make a quick buck as not approved engines are typically $15-$35 cheaper.



We have over 1200 kits in stock!


Dealers: Special pricing starts at 10 units and gets even better with a pallet of 40.

Call 1-888-KIT-BIKE NOW!