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Tips & Tricks

Tip Number One

These engines fit best on 70 degree angled V frames, but sometimes you will find that the front motor mount won’t fit flush to the down tube. Although it is recommended that you machine a solid aluminum motor mount specific to your bike frame if the adapters don t fit; Don’t panic here’s a tip you could try if you find yourself with this type of frame.

Pop down to your local automotive store and ask for some: "Epoxy Putty"

This stuff is like Plasticine you cut some off knead it well and make your shape.  Place it on the down tube and sit the engine on top. This will fill any gaps and dry as hard as metal. Then you drill through it and the frame and mount your engine as usual.

See the illustrations below:


Side elevation (engine sitting flush on moulded and shaped epoxy putty)


Bottom elevation example

Tip Number Two

On many recent Mountain Bike you will find the cable for the back brakes and gears run along the top of the bike frame tubing. This can cause allot of distress when trying to install your petrol tank. Normally you would have to re-sheath any naked cable so it doesn t rub against the bottom of your tank.

Not anymore, try this tip to solve this problem. Again cut some epoxy putty knead it well and make a mould that fits over the cable as in the example below. A good idea is to spray some WD40 before applying the putty so it doesn t stick to the cable. As the putty is drying keep pressing the brakes and change the gears to keep the cable moving. Wait for it to cure reasonably but not fully and sit your tank on top, attach the bottom brackets and there you go, no more rubbing below the tank.


Tip Number Three

A good tip to reduce vibration is to cut a little piece of inner tube and fit it inside the back end motor-mount as in the example below.

Tip Number Four

Here s another tip for smooth throttle operation. Take your throttle housing apart and look for plastic that is blocking the cable path. Take a small file and gently file away any excess plastic on the cable path inside the housing, this helps.

Remember Before you install the throttle and clutch cable for the first time spray some WD40 down the inside of the cable sheath, this will make a big difference in the smoothness of operation.

Tip Number Five

If you are looking to get low end torque out of you bike for hill climbing, heavier riders, or a small trailer consider purchasing a larger rear wheel sprocket from your dealer.  The larger sprocket gives you lower end power but may take away a couple miles per hour on the top end.  The standard sprocket is 44t but dealers offer 48t and 50t.

Tip Number Six

If you have a bike that have twist grip shifters on it, just cut off the excess grip and slide the shifting mechanism over toward the inside of the handlebars leaving room for twist grip throttle.  You will still be able to shift your peddle gears like normal with your fore finger and thumb while gaining room to use your twist grip throttle.

If you have dual brake levers you will have to adjust the left brake lever down at a 45 degree angle to allow room for the new clutch lever.

Tip Number Seven

Although it voids the factory warranty, customers have been drilling 3-5 holes in the end of their exhaust pipes to create better air flow.  We have seen a horsepower increase and a top end increase of 2-4 mph.  Keep in mind that this will make you kit a bit louder.